Tired of not knowing the concepts you need to master, and where to go to learn these concepts to make solid DJ mixes? Or maybe you are just tired of not knowing how to improve your dj mix? Well, wake up because Aeon Psych is here to teach you everything you need to know to level up and learn the exact thought process he uses while DJing!

This advanced series is a standalone series, and contains all of Aeon's advanced tips/tricks/methods used while DJing using his primary setup on Traktor Pro 3 software (which a lot of it can be translated universally, regardless of software).

If you'd like the complete experience, check out one of the bundles here

Examples of covered topics:

  • Song phrasing
  • What to mix, how to mix, where to mix, and when to mix
  • Includes mixing examples:
  • Drop mixing
  • Mashups
  • Chopping / Juggling
  • Echo + Fade + Cutting
  • Tempo/bpm transitions
  • Up to +- 30 bpm ranges.
  • Mixing In/Out of key
  • More detailed than explained in the starter series.
  • FX (setup of FXs mostly specific to Traktor Pro DJ software)
  • Effects I use
  • When I use them
  • How I use them

Insane Bonuses:

  • Advanced song collection management tips.
  • Transitioning through genres
  • Tips for changing genres
  • Alien Scratch
  • Learn the secret(s) behind Aeon's scratching style dubbed the "Alien Scratch"!
  • Out of this world track selection
  • Learn Aeon's secrets for selecting tracks.
  • Mistakes? What Mistakes?
  • Learn Aeon's tips for masking mistakes, and/or using them to your advantage
  • "In My Mind" Mixing
  • Watch and learn from me as I reveal my real-time thought process during mixes I do.

Even More Bonuses:

  • Cut down on learning frustration.
  • Drastically reduce time invested searching for concepts and techniques to learn.
  • Learn what is needed, don't learn what isn't.
  • Incorporate a new creative outlet for yourself.
  • Take music playing/listening to the next level.
  • Provide creative outlets for others.
  • Inspire, motivate, and uplift others with your mixes and performances
  • And More!

This series will cut down on the time and frustration revolving around learning how to DJ, and get you making solid mixes just like Aeon today!

Your Coach, Aeon Psych

Hello, I am Aeon!

I have put in over 800 hours learning and experimenting with what works and doesn't work with mixing music (documented on mixcloud.com/aeonpsych as well as twitch.tv/aeonpsych).

As I originally taught myself (through watching other DJs mix, watching tutorial videos, YouTube videos, searching forums, etc.), I found that it was actually really difficult and/or time consuming to find all the specific and relevant information I needed to learn certain techniques. Combine this with a decent amount of interest from others in learning from me, I figured it would be more efficient to consolidate all my knowledge on the subject into nice, convenient and easy to follow packages.

Realizing I also have knowledge on a variety of other subjects people would be interested in learning, I figured it would be best to just incorporate all of this into 1 place. As a result, I have invested many months putting all of my knowledge together into individually packaged series on this site for your enjoyment!

Dream big, achieve bigger, and may all your dreams become reality!

-Aeon Psych

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