If you have not already finished the introduction course (and would like to), please do so before continuing through this course, as there may be helpful information for you.

If you already know the basics, then feel free to pass on that course :)

-Aeon Psych

What To Expect

In the following training, you will learn the advanced techniques I have learned and developed over my 800 hours of DJing to create solid music mixes. Most of the lessons will be presented as full video guides, which may be accompanied by text and/or documents. By the end of this course, you should have full confidence to be able to use and navigate DJ software, and create solid, continuous, and entertaining music mixes.

While some of the guides might be demonstrated using a 4 channel mixer/controller (a Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk2 DJ controller), the techniques demonstrated will apply nearly universally, regardless of most controllers. Same applies to the software that is being demonstrated on (Traktor Pro 3). Although the software may be different than your specific use, the concepts still apply across all controllers and software being used.

Why demonstrations in Traktor Pro, instead of other software like in the other series you offer?

  • My main piece of DJ gear is the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 MKII, which came with the full version (at least until they switched to subscription model in late 2022) of Traktor Pro 3. Since this is the case, and this series targets all of my advanced tips/tricks/methods for DJing, it only makes sense I do it on my most comfortable setup to give the best quality and representation of the tip/trick/method I can.

*Keep in mind that while this training aims to make the process as replicate-able as possible, mixing music is an art that relies on the creative freedom of the individual creating the mix to be successful. That being said, I don't exactly tell you how to mix, but the techniques I have learned and how to use them in specific situations to help you improve your options in mixing.

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